Recruitment and Employment Consultants


Our speciality is in providing the practical help you need to comply with the law, but when you need guidance on specific legal matters we often find ourselves working hand in glove with your solicitors or other professional advisers to get the job done neatly and very professionally.

In recent years we have found ourselves frequently working with the specialist employment team headed up by Kate Fretten and Paul Burton operating from Frettens Solicitors of Christchurch.


Smaller businesses without dedicated HR support are finding it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to do the right thing for their employees and as a few local businesses have found out, "good intentions" and "ignorance" of employment contract law is no defence when things go wrong.

Please call us on 01425 619417 to discuss any employment matter that may be of concern to you. The fact that you are worried about it is a fair indication that something probably needs to be done.

If it is a matter outside of our expertise, we will have no hesitation in suggesting you speak to either Kate or Paul of Frettens.

If there is one area in law where the old adage "a stitch in time, saves nine" applies most, it just has to be in employment disputes.