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Occupational Health

It is just plain common sense to recognise that a happy and healthy work force is good for business.

Research shows that if you invest in Occupational Health Services, you can reduce the probability of accidents in the work place and reduce absenteeism caused through physical or mental exhaustion at work.

In these hard economic times we appreciate business managers are looking to cut costs. So the idea of spending more on improving occupational health care may not be high on your agenda.

The other side of that coin, is that the sustained cost-cutting and staff reduction policies we have all endured in recent years has meant that Occupational Health issues have never been quite so relevant.

Although keeping staff motivated to contain costs and improve their productivity are sensible policies to promote, we are now seeing the fall-out caused by unreasonable demands being placed on the work force.

If, in the pursuit of efficiency and productivity, the work place ethos has become unbalanced, we not only see a history of increased work place accidents, decreased productivity, and abnormally higher levels of absenteeism.

It is often the case that the better staff becomes so exasperated, they vote with the feet and leave ... simply because they can.

That leaves the employer with a reducing pool of less reliable and inexperienced workers, which only serves to make the problems worse.

Let us show you how addressing occupational health issues can make a worthwhile contribution to helping you retain a happy and healthy work force.